1. New book?

    New book?

  2. New book? http://go.tnl.net/1pk3AzQ

    New book? http://go.tnl.net/1pk3AzQ

  3. "Weird Al" Yankovic - Handy →

    http://go.tnl.net/16ZSsid via Last.fm

  4. My choice is the internet

    My choice is the internet

    It was a year ago that revelation the NSA spying on internet data came about. And since then, more has been revealed and activists have tried to fight back. Meanwhile, the FCC unveiled a proposal to alter the way the internet works to give those with money an ability to distribute their content more efficiently than those without and more activists have tried to fight that proposal.


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  5. Design Is About Intent →

    Design Is About Intent | Rampant Innovation http://buff.ly/1v6YVpM